Digital signage


Marketing is important as it is the only way to really let people know about you. We take on different forms of marketing depending on the number of people to reach, the product as well as costs. Over the years signage as a marketing tool has grown from mere billboards pasted along the driving route to expensive and stunning digital boards, capable of displaying an array of images, actions, colors and movement.

Digital signage has been known to show tremendous movment in the marketing industry. Replacing print media, digital signage can be seen everywhere – malls, movies, weddings – you name it and there is a digital board for it. Even the common old fashioned poster in the movie halls has given way to the appealing graphics and movement of the digital poster board.

Whatever your marketing needs, make sure digital signage makes it in the marketing list. Here are three ways your marketing campaign can get a boost by using digital signage:

Most signage is interactive and offers two way communication. So muct better than the boring poster. You can take advantage of this to cut through the information clutter and use dynamic content to drive in your message – a message that is relevant and to the point. In a world governed by digital technology, you can use digital signage to display messages via mobile application, social media – thus reaching directly to the person to be influenced. Mobile devices are now able to interact with digital signs so that viewers can download the necessary information. The same is the case with social media. Use this to your benefit to reach customers directly so that they can download what they need.

Movement across a screen will attract the eye. Modern signage uses this dynamics of movement for advertisements. Compare this to a static image – most people have tuned themselves to ignore static images that show up in front of them. Digital signage offers the benefit of movement and action to attract more views. FM Digital Signage is a leading provider of digital signage and interactive advertising solutions utilizing innovative digital technology to deliver dynamic, impactful, audience-targeted campaigns for our clients, agencies and partners.


Good health is everyone’s birthright yet we all take our health for granted. Most lifestyle diseases are a result of a poor diet. Not insufficient eating but a diet lacking in nutrients. Lack of nutrients ends up taxing the digestive system and in turn the other internal organs. Lack of nutrients also increases the toxin build up in the body. Over time an overload of toxins starts effecting the health of the body and leads to a number of diseases which could have been prevented in the first place.

Ninety five percent of vitamins and enzymes required by the body are present in raw vegetables and fruits. Cooked food looses some of these nutrients but juicing keeps the enzymes and nutrients intact. To get the nutrients available in 8 oz of juice you would have to eat an equivalent amount of 2 lbs carrots, 10-12 apples, 8 lbs spinach and so on. This high concentration of vitamins, minerals and enzymes enter the blood stream directly without taxing the digestive system and thus gives the organs a well deserved break. Taking supplements is not an alternate. Supplements are synthetic products and not as readily absorbed by the body as the natural minerals found in fresh juice.

Juice should be had fresh and not left out for very long. This is because juice combines with air and starts to oxidize. Oxidization reduces the nutritional value. Storing fresh juice in the refrigerator slows the oxidization process, so it is best to drink up the juice as soon as it has been squeezed. Again juice is best had on an empty stomach so that you maximize the nutritional value of the absorbed juice. Incase this is not possible try and have juice an hour before eating a meal.

Our organs especially the liver and kidneys work hard to get rid of toxins. The immune system mostly works overtime o restore balance to a compromised body. Juicing in moderation can help you consume essentials nutrients in a concentrated form. The best option is to combine freshly pressed juice with a regular eating pattern. The National Cancer institute recommends five servings of vegetables and three of fruits each day which makes it almost 7 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day. Most people average 3 to 4 servings in a day. We simply do not eat enough fruits and vegetables so our intake of the required nutrients is just not sufficient. In addition to this we fill up our bodies with junk that adds little or no value to our health.

Juices contain these minerals in a concentrated form and can take care of nutritional deficiencies. Freshly pressed juices also contain enzymes essential for digestion and absorption of food, for conversion of food stuffs into body tissue, and for the production of energy at the cellular level. Fresh juice are key sources of enzymes. Juice left over a long period looses the enzymes as heat destroys the enzymes. The process of refrigeration slows the destruction for some time.

So go ahead and fill yourself up with the glass of freshly squeezed juice. A Home Juice Cleanse  may be just what the doctor ordered. You have packed your body with a lot of minerals, enzymes and vitamins required to carry you throughout the day.


Marketing is an ongoing process to consistently get visitors to your store . There are some efforts that you can make for getting the much valued visitor to your store:

Search engines

Search engines have been around searching and delivering information at the click of a mouse. There are plenty of companies and tutorials that help you to optimize your site so that search engines can find the site and display the site name on search results. Getting your site to show up on search engine pages is a great way to get visitors to your web pages. If the searched for keyword is targeted then the traffic reaching the site is more likely to convert. In other words, by making sure the website ranks for the right keyword, you make sure that the traffic reaching the site is focused traffic that is likely to convert.
There are a number of ways to get traffic through search engines. Content writing and marketing, blogging, posting are all a few ways to get traffic through search engines.


Digital signage is all around us. It is used for advertising, welcoming visitors, in restaurants and more. We are surrounded by signs – each telling us what to do, what to ear, where to go. What you show on the signs is limited by what you can imagine and create. Companies are using signage to give more information about their product and their services. There are a number of companies that take care of all your signage needs. Momo Visual Signs Perth  provides customized solutions for the visual communication of your brand and business identity, through the supply and installation of premium finish internal and external signage, digital prints and computer cut vinyl graphics and privacy films.

Online Advertising

Online ads not only serve ads to relevant visitors, they also serve ads based on visitor interests, browsing, etc. Online ads can be the same as newspaper ads except that they are placed on e-newsletters, webpages etc. Online or internet advertising is focused on webpages very relevant to your products. This makes for better conversions. You choose your ad placement as per the gender, hobbies, and interests of the browsing visitor.


Retargeting is also known as remarketing. It is a cookie based technology that uses a javascript code to follow your visitors. You add a piece of code to your website to track visitor behavior. This code does not affect website performance and does not hinder the visitors in any way. This code drops a cookie in the browser. When the provider serves ads the cookie provides information on when to serve the ad based on browsing history. Retargeting works very well for conversion optimization and as a rebranding tool.

Set up a booth

Set up a booth so that you can exhibit your products. Email the details to all your clients well on time. Make sure there is something on offer for them to attend. Booths are great for getting local exposure as physical stands leave a lasting impact on the mind. To get maximum exposure work not just on the booth but also on the pre marketing efforts. This will boost publicity for the booth as well as the website. Interested visitors do get back to the site at a later date.

Pink wedding tables in outdoor restaurant

Your wedding day is an important day not just for you but also for your near and dear ones. The venue needs to be able to accommodate all your guests comfortably. The venue’s capacity is as important as the pricing and getting the right date. When you start checking availability keep a couple of dates in mind. If the venue fits in all aspects then compromising on a date is a smarter choice. Before selecting the venue, keep a couple of things in mind:

Consider the accommodation
pricing and the number of rooms available. Check this with your guest list to see if it fits with the number of guests requiring accommodation and if it fits your guest’s and your budget.

Your wedding venue needs to match the look and feel that you are going for. The venue should echo elements of your theme. The location should blend with the theme and not stand out. Themes are plenty – vintage, modern, rustic. A venue that can change a little with the theme works really well. Sometimes by using the right draping and decor you can rework an existing decor to suit your style. Oxford Function Venues exudes a cosy, rustic charm, which you experience from the moment you enter the front lounge which wraps around a unique sunken cellar with original limestone walls and timbered ceiling. Step up to the main bar or wander outside to the Brickworks Garden Bar and Café, Perth’s only fully enclosed Garden Bar. To make this unique function complete, the Function Centre situated on the top floor, with the same fabulous architecture and matching ambience, caters to different entertaining needs. The Bridal Suite offers you a comfortable and private lounge area with its own bathroom facilities. The Suite is perfect for freshening up during the course of the day or night, or in preparation of your wedding ceremony.

Venue choices vary from traditional venues like country houses and hotels to art galleries, museums and theatres to restaurants, pubs, boats and warehouses. Country club memberships are quite expensive and may even require a membership.
You may also want a mix of both indoor and outdoor options. You may wish to have your wedding ceremony in the garden and dancing and drinks indoors. If this is the case then look for a venue that provided both these options.
Food and beverages will have a service charge, which is normally 20 percent of the food and beverage bill. Tipping may or may not be included. Normally a cash bar would accept tips and a hosted bar may refuse. Ask about tipping protocol on top of the service charge. Check what is included in the service.
If you choose to book an outdoor venue, always ensure that you reserve a back-up indoor venue that you are happy with, in case the weather turns sour.
A wedding is a joyous occasion but keep insurance in mind. Check if the venue covers insurance else If the venue does not have insurance, then you will need to cover the cost of insuring the venue for the duration that you will be using it.

Check the beverage and wine list. Does the venue have a good selection of local and imported beers?

Confirm dates, times and details in a written contract.